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1973 Yamaha FS1E - I was still at school and coming up to my 16th birthday, I spent most evenings out on riding push bike's with my mate John, his brother had a 1976 FS1E-DX, one of the yellow fizzy's with front disc brake,  when I saw it I thought, wow, would amazing to have one of those, no more pedaling, John was going to have this when he was 16 in the July and it got me thinking......

This was the same as John's FS1E-DX

I looked at a few DX's but no way could I afford one, I asked my Dad if he'd lend me the money, "bikes are dangerous you are not having one" was his reply, but that didn't stop me. I ended up seeing this black shiny 1973 Fizzy in Ray Dell's bike shop at Pudsey, for about £125 they said I could have an HP loan £13/month for 12 months well that was it I signed on the dotted line.....

This was how mine would have looked before been re sprayed black



I was 16, had received my provisional license, bought a new helmet and the bike was ready to collect... but Ray Dell's was 10 miles from my house so I would have to wait until the weekend to get a lift, John said why not go now? on the pushbikes? I can bring your bike back home, I said are you sure and off we went, I remember been really excited and nervous, never ridden any sort of motorcycle before, no CBT in those days, when I'd got the Fizzy first I pushed it across the road from the shop, daren't do any tricky maneuvers straight away, found a nice straight bit of road to get me started, put me helmet on, kick started the bike up and off I went, the feeling was amazing, especially having just pedaled 10 miles, I was instantly hooked to the 4.8bhp power of the Fizzy.

On the way home it cut out, not having a clue what to do John said take round to his house, his Dad sorted it no problem, removed the spark plug which had fowled up, I seem to remember the wrong spark plug had been fitted.

A month later and John was on the road and that was it, we were buzzing round all over the place and soon there was quite a gang of us moped riders, Glen on his Suzuki AP50 and Mick on his Suzuki TS50 

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