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Honda Silverwing Interstate GL500 - This was imported from the US in 1993 and is in amazingly good original condition.
After covering a few hundred miles I decided to service with new oil & filter and perform a valve clearance check, but on removal, found the rocker covers had a layer emulsion on the underside, typical of water and oil mixing. I then found the weep hole for the water pump was blocked, soon as this was cleared a steady trickle of water confirmed mechanical seal failure and an engine out job.

I found the engine removal a bit more time consuming than my standard CX due to having the fairing to remove first, but all the bolts and fasteners came apart without any fuss and soon the engine was on the bench (after nearly doing my back in again, not recommended on your own) and the rear engine cover bolts were being removed, when I removed the water pump impellor I found the thrust washer (Item 12 from diagram) was missing thus causing the seal to fail, very easy thing to forget when rebuilding.

 I was a bit baffled at first, all the bolts were out but the rear cover wouldn't slide off, then after reading the manual found the transistor engine also required the advance pulsers (Items 5 and 6) had to be removed also. Once these were removed the cover slid straight off to reveal a cam chain with full adjustment still available suggesting it wasn't that long ago since it had been fitted.

Engine is now back in and runs well with no evidence of any leaks


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