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Yamaha XJ700XS - Here is my 1986 Yamaha XJ700XS MaximX, bought August 2014 with 33000 miles on the clock, this is a Shaft Drive custom with a difference, it has a 86bhp 4 cyclinder 20 valve sports engine derived from the FZ700 sports bike and was built for the American market only, the engine been reduced to 700cc to avoid the US large bike import taxes brought in to help Harley Davidson. Its a great looking bike, very comfy, handles well and has sports power in a custom frame. The only downside is the tank range is a bit low at around 100 - 120 miles to reserve, depending how you ride, Shortly after buying the bike I notice a slight coolant leak from the weep hole under the water pump (located just above the clutch) and later found it uses the same mechanical seal that is fitted to the Honda CX500 but much easier to replace been externally mounted. Once the seal was replaced along with new O rings and gaskets the leak was cured.

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