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1983 Honda CBX550F - I bought this in about 1987/8 with 27000 miles on the clock, I run it for a couple of years then one winter stripped it down to the frame, carried it down into my cellar and spent the dark nights restoring it and adding a F2 nose fairing, all the paintwork done by myself in original Honda colours, then the following summer, I was on my way home from work when I hit a piece of angle iron on the M62, this flattened the front rim and the next thing I knew my bike was sliding up the motorway on its side at quite some speed and I sliding up after it, I had a broken ankle which kept me off work for 16 weeks, and still gives me grief today, the bike needed a new alternator which had been ground away at the side, 2 indicators and the fairing needed repainting but by the time I had my plaster taken off 12 weeks later I'd managed to source another alternator, 2 indicators and repaint the fairing ready to ride, I remember still unable bear any weight on my ankle strapping the crutches to the side of the bike and setting off one cold October afternoon with my partner to ride over to see Blackpool illuminations, by the time I returned  home my ankle was so cold I could walk on it without any pain, I kept the bike until around 1992 when I sold it and gave giving up biking for a while.

Nearly rebuilt and all the work had to be done outside - no shed!

Finished and ready to go

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